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More of my writing, lol...just what y'all wanted...

I'm fooling around on my new website tonight, as one does, and I've discovered that I can blog here! So why not do it?

I sent out my first post to my new mailing list this week, because I decided how the mailing list is going to work. As I explained in the last post I wrote on, I'm trying to transition off of there and do most of writing on I'll let people know through social media and through this blog about most of what I write there (and if you follow me or the Girl With The Cane publication on Medium, you can also be notified that way, too.) encourages its readers to pay a fee and become monthly subscribers, but I'll make anything that I'd like everyone to read open to people who don't want to become Medium members

I do put some pieces behind the Medium paywall, because I get a bit of money when people read them. People who aren't Medium subscribers only get access to three of those articles a month. People on my email list will get "friend links" to my pieces behind the paywall, so that they can read them without using their monthly freebie articles or subscribing to Medium. And they'll get a ebook copy of the first book of posts from the Girl With the Cane blog once I get them compiled.

So, if you're on my email list, you see all my posts. If you're not, you may miss some. I'll let you decide what you can live with. ;-)

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