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Girl With The Cane

Welcome to, the new home for Girl With The Cane and the writings of Sarah Levis.  Sarah is a:

  • Published author

  • Award-winning, internationally-known disability blogger

  • Business communication specialist

Writings fom the Girl With The Cane blog will soon be available in book form from this site...join the mailing list for updates and for links to where Sarah's writing is currently appearing around the internet!

Where You Can Find Sarah

Places to Find Sarah's Writing


Personal Writing

The online publishing plstform is the new home of an updated, expanded "Girl With The Cane" - the same timely, insightful writing about disability and issues affecting disabled people, but more writing about other issues important to Sarah: politics, mental health, family and friends, and her recent decision to embrace atheism.

Business Writing

Small Business Solver

As Marketing Manager for Small Business Solver, Sarah has put her writing and editing skills to excellent use:

  • Crafting new blog posts and editing existing ones to improve their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) potential

  • Continuing edits on the site to improve design, readability and SEO.

  • Writing and designing business documents: information kits, certificates, webinars, publicity materials, monthly newsletters.

Sarah is thrilled to be working at Small Business Solver, helping entrepreneurs to succeed!​



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Sarah loves to work with peoplew ith a passion for what they're doing to make the world a better place! Email her and let her know what you're doing and how she can help....

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